Yiğt & Heather | Beach Engagement

A romantic stroll along the beach at sunset was the setting for this engagement session with Yiğt & Heather. Their love for one another and joy as they looked forward to their upcoming wedding day was evident as we dipped our toes in the cool water of the Agean Sea.  The dreamy golden light as the sun dipped lower and lower towards the waters edge was like a glimpse of heaven and gives these images a light and airy feel. Almost angelic. The light sparkled and danced on the surface of both the water and the sand as these two love birds simply enjoyed being with one another. Their playfulness and joy shine through each image of this beautiful gallery.

This session was perfection. Beautiful couple. Full of JOY. In love. Deserted beach. Rocky cliffs. Sunlight dancing on the water’s surface. Sunset. Golden glow. This is the stuff dreams are made of. To be here in this moment with Yiğt & Heather was an honor I will never forget.

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