The Beauty of Vulnerability: Part One

In the spring of 2012 David Wagner, a dear friend of our spiritual parents, prophesied over me. As he prayed, Holy Spirit spoke telling me to tell my story. Write a book. In the months that followed, I was obedient to begin writing. It started with an outline, and I began to fill in the memories of each section, each phase of my life. I was able to write about 75% of the story up to that point in my life… and then I moved overseas and began to step into the fulfillment of so much of what God had promised.

So much has happened over the last seven years. So many challenges faced, battles won, disappointments endured, prayers answered, and promises fulfilled.

A few months ago as I was digging through an old external hard drive, I came across the Pages file where I began writing my story. Then, just this week, my dear friend Angela, one of my roommates from my summer in Mozambique (on the left in the photo above) and travel companions when I first moved to the Middle East, reminded me of the power of my testimony and asked if I had finished writing the book. After our phone conversation I opened that old Pages file on my computer and began to read, and remember.

I hope that by sharing my story on this blog it will:

  1. hold me accountable to complete the book Holy Spirit commanded me to write;
  2. strengthen my faith as I remember all Father God has accomplished in and through me;
  3. be used by Holy Spirit to bring healing and freedom to many who read;
  4. defeat the enemy by the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony!

Will you join me in the journey, this walk down memory lane? Will you walk with me through the pain so you can see more clearly the beauty of healing, restoration, miracles, and promises fulfilled?

And will you pray? Pray that:

  1. Holy Spirit will write each word of my story in order to bring glory to God;
  2. I will have physical and emotional strength and be able to prioritize my time to complete the work that Holy Spirit has put before me;
  3. my obedience will open hearts and doors for Holy Spirit to touch many lives;
  4. I will be encouraged along the way?

As I embrace the beauty of vulnerability through sharing what Jesus has brought me through, will you also be vulnerable and share your own stories and prayers in the comments below?


  1. Sarah Abrams says:

    Love this Meredith … the world has been waiting for your heart and story xx


    1. Meridith Curtis says:

      Oh sweet friend! Thank you for your encouragement! Love you so much!!


  2. Melissa Dixon says:

    Ah, Meredith. Jesus knew my heart needs this in this season in my life. Thank you for your yes.


    1. Meridith Curtis says:

      Sweet Melissa, Jesus knows exactly what we need and when we need it! He is faithful!! I am so thankful that He is ministering to your heart through my story. Love you sweet friend!!


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