Chris and Sarah Cotton | A Madison, MS Maternity Session

Chris and Sarah, what an honor it is to capture these sweet memories of such an exciting season of your life! To partner with The Creator Himself to bring a new life into this world… WOW! Becoming parents is one of the greatest honors The Lord gives us. Children are truly a gift from the Lord!

Sarah, as I have edited these images, I have prayed very specifically for peace during your labor and birth. Peace over your mind, body and spirit as you guide this precious one into life in this world. I have thought back to my own supernatural childbirth experiences and prayed for similar or even better experiences for you! God created THIS baby to be born through YOUR body at THIS time! Praise the Lord!

Chris, I have prayed for you to be filled with a spirit of wisdom and understanding to know how best to love and support Sarah as her labor coach and partner. The Lord has made you both strong and compassionate, and He created you for such as time as this. He has equipped you for this season.

Chris and Sarah, I am so excited for the birth of your precious little one and can’t wait to take your newborn photos soon!!

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