Kelly Engleman | A Family Session At The District | Jackson, MS

About twelve years ago, a girl in my Bible study group got a much prayed for job as a receptionist at a new wellness clinic. This initial God connection led to my first appointment at Enhanced Wellness and my introduction to Kelly Engleman. I met Kelly during my season of infertility and other unexplained health issues. Where the traditional doctors I had been to previously had offered no real answers or solutions, Kelly searched for root causes of my symptoms… and Kelly taught me diet and lifestyle changes that resulted in radical change in my body! Kelly walked through my season of infertility and heartbreak with such grace and love, and she taught me how to partner with my Creator to see healing in my body!

Three years ago I was pregnant with Isaac and living in Turkey. My doctor did not speak very good English, and my Turkish was limited. When I failed my glucose tolerance test by ONE point, my doctor wanted me to begin insulin shots immediately. I knew this was not the right treatment for me and I spent hours crying and wishing for “My Kelly”. My husband returned home from a day in the refugee camps and encouraged me to email Kelly my lab results and ask her opinion. From halfway around the world “My Kelly” replied with encouragement and affirmation of what I knew to be true. She and Branch also sent me pre-natal vitamins that were so much better than what was available in Turkey! Not only did she support me as a missionary with medical advice and supplements, she also calmed my fears as I was pregnant with what would be my first full term live birth. This was the greatest gift anyone could have given me at that time!

I am so honored to have the opportunity to capture these family memories for my dear friend who has so abundantly blessed me over the years. Branch and Kelly’s kids have grown up, and they have added three beautiful grandchildren to their family! Keep scrolling to see a few of my favorite images from this joyful time together.

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  1. Oh Meridith, I am so humbled by your story and feel so blessed to be a part of what God has done and is doing in your life. I cannot thank you enough for these precious photos and your kind words.


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