Valen and Kody | A Proposal at McClain’s Lodge

Congratulations to Valen and Kody!! I was so excited when I first got the call to be part of this surprise proposal! I mean, who doesn’t love a surprise?!? Especially one THIS GOOD!

The plan was to set up family portraits at McClains Lodge all initiated by Kody’s mom Cindy. This plan worked perfectly with how I normally run my family sessions, which include not only the big family portrait, but break out sessions for each smaller family grouping, and also each couple.

We started with Cindy and Justin and their precious granddaughter Evelyn.

Then we captured some of just the two of them… because we should all have updated portraits with our spouse on a regular basis!

Next I took these precious images of Kayla, Patrick and Evelyn making sure to also include some shots of just mom and dad.

We then got pictures of the whole family together… We then moved on to a set of portraits of just Kody and Valen. After taking a few pictures, I gave Kody the sign that this was his moment. He twirled Valen around, told her how beautiful she looked and that he wanted to tell her that every day for the rest of their lives.

He then dropped down on one knee, pulled out the ring, and asked the big question… “Valen, will you marry me?”

As everyone celebrated Valen’s big “YES” to Kody, it was so fun to hear all the little details, how they came together and how everyone managed to keep the secret from Valen!

We continued taking pictures, and were sure to capture more full family portraits now that Valen had a ring on her finger!

It was also so fun to have Valen’s mom and step-dad there as well! They traveled from out of town to be here for this special moment… they were in on the surprise, but Valen thought they just happened to come visit the same weekend that Cindy planned family portraits.

We also had to get a picture in front of Kody’s new truck. She got white gold, he got platinum.

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