Tips for Looking Thinner in Your Wedding Photos

Mississippi Wedding at the Vault Venue

Mississippi Wedding at the Vault Venue

Every bride wants to look and feel amazing on her wedding day but sometimes when you’re caught up in the stress and planning, exercising and eating right takes a back seat.

Thankfully there are three simple ways that you can still look incredible in all of your wedding photos if you aren’t at your ideal wedding weight.

Disney Inspired Wedding at Old WaverlyAdd a little height.

A beautiful pair of heels is one of the easiest ways to look slimmer. Heels can get a bit uncomfortable but you don’t need to wear them the entire day. Slip them on as you get ready and keep them on for the ceremony, couple portraits and your first dance. After that, slip on a pair of flats so that you can comfortably party the night away. There’s no need to wear stilettos either, opt for a comfy wedge if you need to. Don’t wear anything higher than three inches.

Wildflower Boho WeddingChoose the right dress.

Before you buy a dress take your body shape into consideration and choose something that will allow you to feel comfortable if you’re not able to reach your goal weight before the wedding. An empire waist will help you hide those hips while a corseted gown will suck in your waist and show off your bust. If you’re not afraid to highlight your curves, opt for a well-tailored mermaid style gown. An A-line silhouette suites nearly every body type so try one on.

First Baptist Jackson WeddingStraighten up.

Your posture makes a huge difference to how you look and feel in your wedding photos. Loosen up your shoulders before your photos and take a few deep breaths. Stand up tall and keep your shoulders back but make sure that you still feel relaxed and not rigid. Lengthen your torso from the top of your head; you’ll automatically stand a little straighter.

Every bride wants to look and feel amazing on her wedding day, and with these tips every bride can!

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