15 Ideas for Beautiful Ring Shots

First Baptist Jackson Wedding

First Baptist Jackson Wedding

Rings have a big significance when it comes to your wedding day. The wedding rings are a symbol of your love and commitment to one another and you will want your ring shots to reflect just that. Photos of your rings can also make great décor pieces in your home for the bedroom, bathroom or hallways. To help give you some ideas of how you can display your wedding bands we’ve compiled a list of 15 Ideas for Beautiful Ring Shots.

Wedding Ring Shot Ideas

1. Nestled inside a bouquet or flower.

It doesn’t have to be the bridal bouquet. Any flower that has a large bloom can be the perfect location to place your rings to be photographed.

2. Placed on top of rose petals.

The soft texture of the rose petals allows the rings to really shine, especially if the rose petals are a deep red.

3. On your wedding vows.

If you are writing your own vows, have them written on a piece of paper and display the rings on top of them.

4. On a newspaper.

Grab a newspaper on the morning of your wedding day and set the rings at the top of the page just above the date.

5. On your wedding shoes.

Put your heels to even more use by sliding the wedding bands down the heel of your wedding shoes.

6. On the ring bearer pillow.

Keep the ring bearer pillow and use it to display your rings for an elegant shot.

7. In a seashell.

If you are having a beach wedding find a seashell to display the rings in for a unique beach shot of your wedding bands.

8. With champagne.

As you toast your newlywed life show off your wedding bands to the camera so the photographer can get a close up of your rings on your hands with the champagne glasses raised.

9. With perfume.

Set your ring next to your favorite perfume bottle to remind you of the scent from the day.

10. With a family heirloom.

Display your wedding rings next to or with a family heriloom. An old photograph, handkerchief or broach are some ideas.

11. With your monogram.

If you have anything monogrammed with your initials display the rings with it. This can be a napkin or favors or if you have a light displaying your initials set the rings up in the foreground with the monogram displayed in the background.

12. In a ring box.

Keep it simple by placing them in his and hers ring boxes.

13. On your invitation.

Have an extra copy of your wedding invitation? Place your rings on top of the invitation.

14. Tied with ribbon.

Tie them to the ribbon of the bridal bouquet.

15. On your hands.

Don’t forget about the traditional hand on top of hand pose to show off those dazzling rings.

Your Rings have a big significance when it comes to your wedding day. Let your photographer know which of these 15 ideas for beautiful ring shots you would like captured.

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