Tips for Reception Exit Photos

First Baptist Jackson Wedding
First Baptist Jackson Wedding

The grand exit photos can be some of the trickiest images of your wedding day. It’s fast paced and filled with various items being thrown or waved in your face. While exit photos can be a challenge they can also be some of your favorite images. To help you capture the energy and excitement of this mad dash into married life keep in mind these three tips.

3 Tips For Exit Photos Every Couple Should Know

1. Put Someone In Charge.

If you don’t have a planner then you will want to put someone in charge of getting everyone set up outside for you big exit as well as getting your getaway transportation in place. You will also want to make sure they are handing out sparklers, rose petals or any other item your guests will throw to send you off. Make sure this person checks in with the photographer to ensure they are set and ready for you to make your exit before telling you it is time to go.

2. Stop Halfway Through.

Once you begin your dash out of the reception hall you’ll want to stop midway to give everyone a wave or enjoy a kiss in the moment. This allows your photographer to make any little adjustments to their camera settings as well as get a clearer image of the two of you without being overwhelmed with confetti or sparkler smoke.

3. Make a Dash For The Car.

You might be tempted to give everyone one last hug goodbye before you drive away but resist the urge. Once you are at your getaway car, get in and go. You can spend another hour saying goodbye to your guests and this makes it more difficult for the photographer to capture your final farewell from the vehicle. 

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