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Positive Parenting Solutions is helping me to meet my 2020 goal of growing in my parenting skills! Like most new(ish) parents, I feel completely ill equipped for to raise my kids to be kind, respectful, responsible humans!

This month marks FOUR YEARS since I first became a mom.

Isaac’s birth in April 2016 was the fulfillment of a big promise from God that He would make me a mom! In the following thirteen and a half months He also added Annslea (13 at the time) to our home, followed by Pippa’s birth in June 2017. I went from being a new mom trying to figure out newborn schedules, to also raising a teenager, then to two under two! Throw into the middle of that an unexpected international move, and it was quite a lot of change in a short amount of time!

Four years into mom life and I feel like I am finally catching my breath and figuring out some routines.

The littles are both out of cribs and out of diapers, Annslea has her drivers permit, and the reality of how quickly time passes is hitting me hard! I want to make the most of our time together!

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A few months ago I discovered the online course Positive Parenting Solutions. During this time under the shelter-in-place order, I have had time to watch the first two sections of the course. And it is amazing!!

Let’s be real for a minute. I have control issues. I want my kids to be well behaved and do what I say without question. This is reasonable, right? Apparently not from the perspective of my toddlers who confirm my belief in the sin nature of humanity on the daily.

The tools that I am learning from Positive Parenting Solutions are helping me to empower my kids to make good decisions. Decisions to become contributing members of the family (instead of simply leaving a path of destruction in their wake). I still have moments that I allow frustration to take over, but overall I am yelling so much less and our home is becoming much more peaceful!

If you would like to check out a FREE class from Positive Parenting Solutions, be sure to CLICK HERE to register for their webinar! I promise you will learn some valuable tools, and I will earn a small commission if you choose to purchase the full course! This is a great way to help support our family on missions!




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