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I used to believe that I couldn’t get good photos of my kids unless I broke out the big DSLR, and for years it stopped me from capturing the memories of our daily life. I realized that I’d never capture my own family memories if I didn’t flip this belief and create a new one.


The other day I posted a blog about my Simple Guide to Photographing Your Kids, but today I wanted to talk about mobile presets!

Now I have taken the skills I have learned as a professional photographer and created a step-by-step guide to capturing better photos of your kids, AND created the MLP Mobile Presets!

The MLP Mobile Presets work with Lightroom Mobile, a FREE app you can download from both Apple and Google Play App stores! The presets come with simple step-by-step installation instructions, and you are ready to transform your mobile phone images and create a consistent feed on your own social media!

Documenting our family history…

I am now looking for opportunities in our normal day-to-day life to capture the joy of this season with energetic little ones! And I am so excited that I just started a new Instagram account (CLICK HERE to follow us @CurtisFamily2015) AND signed up for automatic Chat Books (CLICK HERE for my Chat Books referral link and get $10 off!!) I am going back through my camera roll and editing old pictures starting from four years ago when my son Isaac was born! I am so excited to document our family’s journey and continue to add to this digital journal for many years to come! AND with Chat Books I will have physical copies as well! What a fun way to keep up with every stage of my kid’s lives and how quickly they change!!

Want to know more? Click THIS LINK to jump to my shop!




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